Democrats Are Finally Learning How To Play The Media Blame Game

Last week, during the Merrick Garland hearing, Congressman Eric Swalwell demolished weaselly right-wing stooge Jim Jordan, and it was so brutal, Jordan fled the room. Swalwell simply pointed out the truth about Jordan’s contempt for the law, his potential role in and knowledge about January 6, and his basic cowardice, lying and hypocrisy.

We wrote about the incident here at C&L a few days ago, but here’s Cliff Schecter breaking down exactly why this moment was so effective (with some salt thrown in for good measure), looking at the specific rhetoric, smart use of a prop and putting it in context of recent Democratic moments, like John Fetterman’s hitting back cleverly at the hypocrites hitting him for weartng a hoodie.

Do Democrats finally get how to successfully play this game? Watch Cliff explain in this must see video.

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