Democrats Win In Pennsylvania, New Hampshire

So this week brought victories for Democrats in state races.

As we noted earlier today, In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Democrat Lindsay Powell won a state House seat to maintain a one-vote majority for Dems in that chamber. Since Republicans run the State Senate, this victory stops their Voter ID malarkey.

In New Hampshire, Hal Rafter flipped a swing seat in a special election for the state House, “a triumph that puts Democrats one seat away from erasing the GOP’s majority in the chamber.

And Axios reports that the Biden campaign is calm, cool, and collected about 2024:

Biden’s team tells nervous Dems: Just chill

Democrats’ rising anxiety is seen internally as another example of pundits and the media underestimating Biden. Aides point out that many insiders left him for dead in the 2020 primaries. They also like to note that pollsters who have Biden underwater also wrongly predicted a red wave of Republican wins in the 2022 midterms.

…The White House is continuing its Rose Garden strategy — with a three-pronged message of protecting democracy, abortion rights and a resilient economy, including a historically low unemployment rate.

And if you think “abortion alone” isn’t enough to win elections, watch this:

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