Denzilpatrick Fall 2024 Men’s: London Boys Going Out

Daniel Gayle’s Denzilpatrick line has always been a melting pot for different cultures. For fall 2024, the designer looked to London’s night-out cultures from different eras, as he mashed up the design of an Edwardian outfit with contemporary streetwear.

“We really allowed ourselves to play here, imagining if we transported a young man of his moment from the turn of the last century to a night-out today, how would he retain a sense of himself and still get past the velvet rope,” he said.

The results were time and space collidingly fun. Cue a lineup of modern looks echoing lines and cuts of a more distant past, such as the sporty outerwear cut from lush theatrical interior fabrics, track sets with old-fashioned button-off collars, two-in-one shirts with fake ties and bomber jackets adorned with antique buttons sourced from collectors across the U.K. — some batches came with handwritten notes, encouraging Gayle’s project.

The designer said the fake tie idea was based on the dress style of the Edwardian-Dandy music hall, combined with more contemporary ways to get “dressed up,” while the buttoned looks served as a nod to Pearly Kings and Queens who use old buttons and trims to create a beautiful spectacle for the entertainment of others, and in doing so raising money for their communities.

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