'Did You Get My Letter?': Jon Ossoff Hands Louis DeJoy His A**

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy did not have prior experience in his job. Still, he was appointed by former President Donald Trump anyway, maybe because he was a major Republican Party donor and Trump fundraiser. But he can’t do the job. Again, DeJoy was the first postmaster general in two decades without prior USPS experience, and it shows!

Georgia Democratic Sen. Jon Ossoff tore into DeJoy during a hearing, and it was well-deserved. A lot of people on Xitter from Georgia are reporting long delays. Since DeJoy took a sledgehammer to the post office, the 3 days or less mail service we used to get is over. And under DeJoy, the USPS has been hemorrhaging money.

“I’ve got constituents with prescriptions that aren’t being delivered,” Ossoff said. “I’ve got constituents who can’t pay their rent and their mortgages. I’ve got businesses who aren’t able to ship products or receive supplies.

“I wrote you on March 14th,” he continued. “Did you get my letter?”

“My office probably, my office got it,” DeJoy said.

“I didn’t write your office,” Ossoff said. “I wrote you. Did you receive my letter?”

“I have not read your letter,” DeJoy said.

“You haven’t read my letter,” Ossoff said.

“I tried to speak to you Friday or yesterday,” DeJoy insisted.

“You haven’t read my letter,” Sen. Handsome continued. “The mail’s not on time in Georgia. I’m a member of the committee of jurisdiction. You haven’t read my letter. Well, that explains why I haven’t received a response to my letter.”

“March 14th I wrote you with two specific questions,” the Georgia Democrat said. “What update can you provide regarding the aforementioned reported issues at the Atlanta Regional Processing and Distribution Center Palmetto? Question one.”

“Question two, how is USPS currently communicating with customers in the metro Atlanta area reporting delayed and lost packages?” he said. “You haven’t read the letter.”

“So, so, letters come in, people put, they put stuff together to answer it, “DeJoy said.

“Let me just give you just a friendly piece of advice.,” Ossoff said. “You should, you should personally read letters from members of the U.S. Senate Committee that funds and oversees your operations, particularly where you are failing abysmally to fulfill your core mission in my state. And let me be clear, I think postal workers are out there every single day working their hearts out to deliver the mail on time.”

“But if they don’t have the infrastructure and the management competence overhead them to make a transition like this without drastically impairing the core function of the Postal Service, everyone in my state is losing,” he added. “The amount of Distress this is causing my constituents is massive.”

President Biden can’t fire DeJoy, but the Senate confirmed two more of his nominees to the USPS Board of Governors, the only body that can fire DeJoy. The “best people,” you guys.

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