Don Trump Jr Claims He Doesn't Snort Cocaine

During his speech at the TPUSA event Sunday, Donald Trump Junior tried, in his juvenile way, to spoof the small amount of cocaine that was found at the White House by claiming the white powdery stuff is not his thing.

Jr, made himself the real victim as usual by saying Twitter blamed him for the coke.

Don then attacked Hunter Biden and brought up his mythical, long time, dear friends that he still stays in touch with.

“My guys, who I stayed in touch with, many of them dear friends, They’re like ‘Hey, dude, there is no way you would’ve gotten away with that,” Junior said. “I know. luckily I don’t snort cocaine, like it’s not my thing!”

If you put the word “like” in front of not my thing, then it most probably is your thing.

Watching some of his Triggered videos, I can confidently say nobody believes him.

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