Don't Miss This Powerful Video Pushing For Assault Rifle Ban

Quite a few groups promoting sensible gun laws, including March Fourth, March For Our Lives, Brady United Against Gun Violence, Newtown Action Alliance, Vote Vets, and many others have come together to produce a powerful video aimed at getting people to get out to the polls to vote.

The video shows people stating absurd things about everyday situations. A man says he likes to feel vulnerable in open, public spaces. A teacher says she likes going through multiple lock downs with a group of six year olds who can’t comprehend the true horror of their situation. The musician who hopes their set is disrupted by loud noises and people running and screaming in terror. The old man hoping to get knocked to the ground and trampled by people trying to escape. Perhaps the most powerful is the doctor who says she enjoys helping people identify the remains of loved ones by a shoe or DNA tests.

At the end, they bring home the point that people face these horrible situations almost every day when it is completely avoidable. Then they give the simple directive of “Vote.”

Needless to say that you don’t want to vote for the Republican who has an A+ rating with the NRA (Nuts, Rednecks and Assholes) or the creep who actually does commercials showing how “tough they are” by shooting an AR-15 at a picture of Nancy Pelosi, or say, anyone who needs to hold a gun so bad that they give their boyfriend a hand job in a theater where children are present..

Change can happen, but only if we elect the candidates that are willing to do their jobs and represent the people and not the NRA or the gun manufacturers.

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