Double Traitor Pleads Guilty Of Assaulting Police On Jan. 6

Matthew Honigford, a former Ohio National Guardsman who had gone AWOL after Joe Biden was elected, pleaded guilty to assaulting police officers during the January 6th insurrection:

At 2:30 p.m., while Honigford was positioned at the front of a crowd of rioters that breached a police line of officers on the southwest plaza, he pushed a flagpole into an officer’s chest area, then struggled with the officer for the pole for about 20 seconds before advancing with the crowd to the upper west terrace, authorities said.

Later, he repeatedly touched or tried to touch officers with his hands, saying he was praying for them, authorities claim. When he didn’t stop reaching his hands toward officers, rioters told him to stop.

“I’m trying to f–––––– pray, guys,” he told them, according to court documents.

At another point, Honigford allegedly kicked a metal bike rack barrier toward an officer as rioters broke through a police line.

Honigford better start praying for himself and that no one prays for him while he’s in prison for hopefully a long, long time.

Equally outrageous as his treason on January 6th is how he was listed as AWOL after the Biden election but the Ohio National Guard just let him stay on papers until he was honorably discharged.

He’s a disgrace to the uniform he once wore and a disgrace to humankind.

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