Dublin Attack Wrongly Blamed On Immigrant Turns Into Riot

Right-wing protesters, angered by a stabbing attack on children that was rapidly rumored to be perpetrated by an immigrant background, rampaged through Dublin Thursday night, leaving behind a trail of burning cars and buses. Via the Washington Post:

Ireland’s police chief on Friday described the unrest, in which double-decker buses, trams and police cars were torched, as “scenes that we have not seen in decades.”

The violence and looting through some of Dublin’s most famous streets began after a stabbing attack outside a school that left five people hospitalized. They included three young children and a woman. Police detained a man who also is being treated for injuries.

Rumors spread online that the perpetrator of the attack was an immigrant or had an immigrant background. The BBC, citing unnamed sources, said the man was an Irish citizen who had lived in the country for 20 years.

People the police later described as far-right protesters disrupted the crime scene, chanting anti-immigrant slogans and took to the streets of Dublin, setting vehicles ablaze and clashing with police.

Ciao Benicio, a Brazilian delivery driver, told the Irish Times the subsequent anti-immigration protests “[do not] make sense at all. … I’m an immigrant myself and I was the one who helped out.”

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said those involved in the riots had “brought shame on Ireland.”

Well, we know what that feels like. We’re still baffled by the Americans who are proud of their attack on our Capitol.

And when that exploding car crashed at the U.S.– Canada border this week, the right-wing vultures (helped along by their cheerleaders at Fox) quickly tried to fan the social media flames into a wider conflagration.

But Ireland is at least doing something about it.

The Irish government said in response that it would modernize its laws against hatred “for the social media age,” and it would also introduce legislation related to CCTV access for police.

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