Eastman Worried About Blowing Wife's Retirement Fund On His Defense

One of Donald Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia RICO case and coup memo author, John Eastman, has all the markings needed to be in the former President’s orbit. He is a victim. Don’t believe him? Ask him. And he feels self-entitled even when caught breaking the law while shivving Lady Liberty in her back. Oh, and these people always seem to live loveless lives.

Eastman complained to The Federalist (LOL) about how his legal defense fund failed to raise more than it has, which leaves him concerned about depleting his wife’s retirement fund. No, really.

Eastman’s legal defense fund has raised more than half a million dollars so far, “less than a third of what we’ve already incurred and less than about a sixth or seventh of what we’re likely to incur before we’re done,” Eastman said. To defend himself legally in a Georgia prosecutor’s case against Trump and dozens of his associates, Eastman needs to raise $1 million by February, he said: “I’m trying very hard not to completely deplete my wife’s retirement fund.”

X users weighed in:

John Eastman has told the world that he plans to deplete Elizabeth C’de Baca Eastman’s retirement fund to pay for defense after trying to mastermind a failed coup. Yeah, lady, divorce that guy, and try a dating app for employed wannabe traitors next time. Girl, send him some bootstraps, get a therapist, and get the fuck out of there.

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