El Salvador’s BTC bet pays off, 94% GFOX sold out

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El Salvador’s Bitcoin (BTC) adoption has yielded substantial profits, demonstrating the potential of strategic crypto investments. Meanwhile, Galaxy Fox (GFOX) rapidly approaches a sell-out in its presale, highlighting its emergence as a significant crypto opportunity this quarter.

Bitcoin has entrenched itself in the world of TradFi with ETF issuers guzzling up supply. El Salvador’s BTC bet has paid off big, posing the question of whether it will be the richest country in Latin America.

Micro caps are gaining attention, and the inevitable rotation to altcoin season is coming. Galaxy Fox (GFOX) is 94% sold out and positions itself as one of the top crypto to invest in this quarter.

El Salvador’s success story 

El Salvador took a big gamble in 2021 when it recognized Bitcoin as legal tender and became a laughing stock in mainstream media – especially when the bear market began. But El Salvador and Bukele are laughing now, sitting on over $84 million in unrealized profits.

El Salvador has an average buy price of $42,600, and now with BTC trading well above $70,000, they’re clearly in the green. Bukele is succeeding with the crime rate in tandem, and the homicide rate has dropped precipitously.

This proves that those who make money do things ordinary people do not and take contrarian bets. It also indicates that Bitcoin remains a top crypto to buy and is the modern era’s equivalent of gold. 

But in 2021, many thought that a nation-state buying BTC was ludicrous. However, El Salvador is having the last laugh, and the $84 million may not make it the richest nation in Latin America, but it is $84 million they did not have before.  

Galaxy Fox 94% sold out

Galaxy Fox is a meme/ P2E hybrid that is already 94% sold out. Investing in presales is naturally contrarian. Investors join the journey at the first stage before the market has validated the project’s worth. 

In the same stroke, this is one of the reasons why presales entries offer the maximum point of financial return. Raising over $4.5 million in several weeks and soon to go to market, this may be the last opportunity for investors to join this project early.

Memes, NFTs, and games

During bull markets, narratives become king, and this cycle’s strongest narratives are memecoins and GameFi. Galaxy Fox is one of the very few tokens enjoying dual narrative support. 

Its Web3 runner game pays out prizes at the end of each season and sets the stage for a global competition between players. Those who want an advantage can mint a GFOX NFT and unlock special in-game boosts. The in-house NFT marketplace enables the trading of these digital collectibles and minting early. 

Fueling growth through taxation

Galaxy Fox’s taxation system operates to maximize growth and funds staking payouts, the Treasury, and the liquidity pool. Staking payouts reward users, and when the burn is included these holders are earning native yield on a deflationary asset. 

The Treasury takes responsibility for development and funds marketing efforts, and this growth-focused nature catapults GFOX into one of the promising cryptos to buy right now. 

To learn more about GFOX, visit the Galaxy Fox presale website or join the community.

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