Elie Saab Announces Its First Branded Residences in Riyadh

A MIRAGE IN THE DESERT: Elie Saab and leading Saudi Arabian real estate company Dar Al Arkan announced the launch of Etoile by Elie Saab, the fashion designer’s first branded residence in the nation.

In a joint press release, both companies said that Etoile will be located within Sedra, an upscale community being constructed in northern Riyadh. The hotly anticipated community is being developed by national community developer Roshn, a key player in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030. Upon completion, Sedra is expected to include 30,000 homes, pedestrian walkways, health clinics, restaurant, cafés, schools, mosques and more. A press representative for Elie Saab Maison said the first Etiole by Elie Saab villas will be delivered in 2024.

Etoile by Elie Saab will comprise an assortment of three- and four-bedroom villas privy to unencumbered views of the city’s wadis or dry rivers.

The cosmopolitan homes will reflect the regional hues and will be outfitted with exclusive pieces from the Elie Saab Maison collection. 

In the statement, Dar Al Arkan chairman Yousef Al Shelash said the homes will provide a “sanctuary” in Riyadh’s bustling urban environment.

Etoile by Elie Saab

Etoile by Elie Saab

Courtesy of ELIE SAAB and Dar Al Arkan

Elie Saab chief executive officer Elie Saab Jr. said the firm aims to provide “bespoke living that reflects the heritage and culture of the Kingdom [of Saudi Arabia] while providing aesthetically pleasing modern amenities.”

Elie Saab branched out into interior design in 2019 after inking a licensing agreement with Swiss home design company Corporate Brand, in a strategic move that added furniture and interior design projects to its existing ready-to-wear and haute couture activities.

Elie Saab Maison has been involved in real estate projects around the globe, with branded villas and residences in key cities like Dubai and Doha, as well as the Saffire by Elie Saab in São Paulo and Elie Saab Residences Hyde Park, London.

Driven by an appetite for luxury living, fashion brands have made their mark on developments worldwide. Giorgio Armani was a pioneer in the home branding arena, opening his Armani/Casa Interior Design Studio in 2003, providing complete interior design services to private individuals and property developers, including the Maçka Residences in Istanbul and the Century Spire in Manila, among others.

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