Enjoy Prison, Peter Navarro!

Just last week, Peter Navarro was officially ordered to report to prison on Tuesday, March 19th to begin a 4 month sentence for his failure to testify before the House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. He is the first Trump ally to go to prison for failing to respond to a Congressional subpoena. Steve Bannon was convicted of the same offense, but remains free pending his appeal.

Navarro has to report to federal prison in Miami before 2pm on Tuesday. He had filed every possible appeal in an effort to remain free pending his appeal, but even the Supreme Court was uninterested in his hearing has case. Chief Justice Roberts issued a one-paragraph order denying the request.

As expected, Navarro is playing the martyr, comparing himself to soldiers murdered on the battlefield.

Dude, you are a 74-year old economist who got conned by the biggest conman on Earth.

Up until the end, Delusional Navarro continues to say this could have all been resolved if Trump had waived privilege, even though there is no evidence that Trump had actually told Navarro to claim executive privilege.

My feeling exactly! Enjoy that 4 month stay in club Fed, Peter! You definitely earned it.

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