eTukTuk presale passes $1.2m as P2E game development begins

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The eTukTuk (TUK) presale has exceeded $1.2 million as the team starts developing its play-to-earn (P2E) game.

This marks a significant milestone for the project, signaling strong interest in its combination of sustainable transport solutions and staking rewards.

eTukTuk presale soars above $1.2m

With over $1.2 million raised, the eTukTuk presale is attracting investors.

The presale uses a staged approach where the price of TUK increases as funding targets are achieved.

This approach rewards those who believe in the project’s long-term vision.

At the time of writing, TUK are on offer for $0.027 – although this price will only be available for seven more days.

Adding to the presale momentum, eTukTuk’s roadmap reveals plans to list TUK on exchanges after the presale ends.

Listing TUK on exchanges would provide greater liquidity and accessibility, which may drive the expansion of eTukTuk’s user base.

The eTukTuk community is already growing, with thousands of people following eTukTuk’s X and Telegram channels.

Its mission has also resonated with crypto analysts, leading to endorsements from YouTubers like Jacob Bury and Cilinix Crypto.

Their support adds further credibility to eTukTuk’s approach to sustainable transportation in developing countries.

Play, earn, and drive change with eTukTuk’s P2E game

While the presale continues to gain traction, eTukTuk’s team has also begun another critical step in its journey – developing a P2E game.

Inspired by the classic arcade hit “Crazy Taxi,” players can navigate the streets of Sri Lanka in their virtual eTukTuks, earning rewards based on their driving style.     

This exciting development adds another dimension to the eTukTuk ecosystem, offering more ways for investors to engage with the project.

Beyond the P2E game, eTukTuk has already implemented a staking protocol for TUK, allowing investors to earn passive income.

eTukTuk presale passes $1.2m as P2E game development begins - 2

This protocol offers yields of 182% per year – with over 27.4 million TUK tokens locked up already.

Looking ahead, eTukTuk’s roadmap provides a clear pathway for future progress.

Key milestones on the roadmap include the installation of charging stations in Sri Lanka, the official launch of eTukTuks, and the expansion into new territories.

The green revolution

Ultimately, the heart of eTukTuk’s mission lies in addressing the challenges those living in developing nations face.

Traditional gasoline-powered vehicles contribute significantly to air pollution, a major issue in urban centers.

Additionally, many drivers in these regions struggle with limited economic opportunities and reliance on costly fuel sources.

eTukTuk offers a straightforward solution to these problems.

eTukTuk presale passes $1.2m as P2E game development begins - 3

By transitioning to electronic transportation, eTukTuk aims to reduce carbon emissions, creating a pathway to cleaner air in cities worldwide.

Furthermore, the project’s whitepaper outlines plans to provide drivers with a sustainable income stream, allowing them to take control of their financial well-being.

For eco-conscious crypto investors, eTukTuk presents an exciting opportunity to align investing and values.

The project’s focus on sustainability and social impact is already resonating with people interested in driving social change through blockchain technology.

Thus, by supporting eTukTuk, investors can contribute to the fight against climate change.

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