Even Fox News Thinks Marjorie Taylor Greene Has A Screw Loose

Fox News host Laura Ingraham characterized Marjorie Taylor Greene as a person with a screw loose when the Georgia representative made incomprehensible and unintelligible arguments in favor of TikTok during a debate on the House floor about banning TikTok on Wednesday.

It’s bad for a MAGA cultist when Laura starts bagging on you.

“The arguments against it got more, let’s say, creative, I would say, as the House debate wore on,” said Ingraham.

Enter Klan Mom.

“If we wanted to be serious about stopping China, we would stop China from buying our U.S. farmland.”

“We would, we would raise up our American energy independence.”

“And if we cared about Americans’ data, then we would stop the sale of Americans’ data universally, not just with China.

Laura snarked, “Okay, farmland. I’m losing that caboose of thought there, God bless her.” LOL!

“Why is it so hard for some to grasp that China is a unique threat to the United States?” she wondered. “Because we don’t stop all commerce from China, we can’t even do this?”

Almost every tine MTG opens her mouth she spews nothing but nonsense, conspiracy theories and dangerous, violent rhetoric supporting Traitor Trump.

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