Everything Trump Touches Dies Including RNC's Bank Account

The law that Everything TFG Touches Dies remains undefeated:

RNC resolution to prohibit paying Trump’s legal bills is ‘dead’

The Republican National Committee is meeting on Friday in Houston to elect a new chair. But what the 168 members won’t be voting on, after all, is a pair of resolutions that would have put some daylight between Donald Trump and the committee.

Henry Barbour, the committee member from Mississippi who has been critical of the former president, drafted resolutions late last month that would have prohibited the party from covering Trump’s legal bills, as well as preventing the RNC and its leadership from supporting Trump as the nominee until he secures 1,215 delegates.

While the attorney fee resolution got some traction, neither draft garnered enough support from members by the deadline last week in order to be considered for a vote on Friday, according to a person with knowledge of the resolutions.

“It’s dead,” Barbour said of the legal fee resolution and relayed that it will not come to a vote on Friday. Barbour said he received co-sponsors from only eight of the 10 necessary states to bring the resolution to a vote.

Put on a red shirt, Barbour. I guarantee you are next.

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