Ex-GOP Congressional Candidate Turns Himself In On Murder Charge

If not for some prior “regrettable” incidents (multiple arrests for assault, domestic abuse, etc) coming to light during a congressional race Dan Rodimer might have become a congressman from Nevada, as he had secured an endorsement from Trump in 2020.

Source: Daily Mail

An ex-GOP Congressional candidate and former WWE wrestler has handed himself in on a murder charge in Las Vegas after a man was found dead in a hotel room.

Daniel Rodimer, 45, has been accused of the murder of Christopher Tapp, 47, which took place on October 29 last year.

Tapp was a recently exonerated man who had served 20 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of killing his friend in 1996.

His death at a Resorts World suite was initially ruled as an accident, but the Clark County Coroner’s Office later determined it a homicide after discovering ‘blunt force trauma’ to his head.

Now Rodimer, a married father-of-six, turned himself into Clark County Detention Center on Wednesday night. Lawyers for the accused said he ‘vigorously contests’ the allegations, 8News Now reports.

If not for details surfacing during the campaign of an unfortunate incident at a Waffle House in 2010 where the 6’7″ ex-professional wrestler beat a man to a pulp it’s likely that Rodimer would have won that race against Susie Lee. In 2021, Rodimer tried to reinvent himself once again as a cowboy, but his New Jersey accent betrayed him.

Back in 2020 when this jackass endorsed Rodimer.

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