EXCLUSIVE: Amelia Gray Hamlin Is Fronting Byredo’s Mojave Ghost Perfume

PARIS — Model Amelia Gray Hamlin is collaborating with Byredo on a campaign celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Mojave Ghost, among the niche beauty brand’s top three bestselling perfumes.

“In Byredo’s continuous exploration of memory and culture, I’ve always believed it’s the new generation’s job to find the next iteration and cultivate new versions of what came before. Amelia represents this type of rising talent,” said Ben Gorham, Byredo’s founder and creative director.

The video and still campaign for Mojave Ghost, launched in 2014, will feature Hamlin through the lens of Harley Weir. It is to unfurl throughout 2024 in five parts that will explore the subjects of transformation, adaptation and fortitude. 

The scent was inspired by the Mojave Desert’s landscape as Gorham drove through it, and especially the beauty of the ghost flower growing there, despite the harsh elements.

“Mojave Ghost had no set parameters from the start,” explained Gorham, in a statement. “It wasn’t about raw materials or rigid definitions. It emerged from a flower, a place and a narrative — an exploration of emotion, rather than fixed raw materials.” 

The fragrance includes ambrette, nesberry, magnolia, sandalwood, violet, cedarwood, musk and vetiver notes.

The first part of the campaign, to be released worldwide on Thursday on Byredo’s digital platforms, has a mysterious clip in which Hamlin embodies the ghost flower, backed by the Mojave Desert’s rugged ­— yet dreamy — landscape. 

Byredo MojavGhost 4x5 Press Product

The campaign for Byredo’s Mojave Ghost fragrance is being fronted by Amelia Gray Hamlin.

“Just like any artist has their medium, modeling is [mine]. Exploring all the facets of Mojave Ghost through this creative collaboration with Ben Gorham and Harley Weir has been a fascinating exercise in different forms of self-expression,” said Hamlin. “In front of the camera, the whole entire world just stops. The mood of the desert, the creative energy channeling this story of the ghost flower became totally encompassing.

“The collaborative series working with Harley Weir, reinterpreting this story around Mojave Ghost, really allowed me to tap into these different sides of my character,” continued Hamlin. “Like Ben Gorham and Byredo, I am endlessly seeking different outlets for creative expression. No box really defines me, but whatever the output, it’s important to be unapologetically myself.”

Byredo began launching visual retrospectives of its olfactive bestsellers in collaboration with creatives from different fields last year. The first one focused on the Bal d’Afrique fragrance.

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