Five durable and long-lasting roofing products

Often referred to as the “fifth facades,” roofs weather faster than other building assemblies due to its horizontal exposure to the sky. Here, thoughtful engineering and reliable products unite to ensure that this critical surface remains strong and sealed. To facilitate this act, these new products present innovation in varied forms and functions critical to the success of roofing systems.

(Courtesy GAF)

EnergyGuard Non-Halogenated Polyiso Insulation

MuleHide e1706289292521
(Courtesy Mule-Hide Products)

A-310 Finish
Mule-Hide Products 

CertainTeed e1706289310640
(Courtesy CertainTeed)

Solstice Shingle

(Courtesy Owens Corning)

Titanium FR Premium Self-Adhered Underlayment
Owens Corning

LPBuildingProducts scaled
(Courtesy LP Building Solutions)

TechShield Radiant Barrier
LP Building Solutions

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