Float Studio brings a residential scale to Food52’s Brooklyn office

Surrounded by 360-degree views of New York’s skyline, media company Food52’s new workplace in Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Dock 72 was a hulking 40,000 square feet of concrete and glass. Turning the behemoth into a cozy, home-like office presented local firm Float Studio with their largest project to date. But even bigger was the challenge that still lay ahead: to integrate the client’s suite of robust programming into the open floor plan.

The office juggles seven kitchens (four test kitchens, one social kitchen, one communal kitchen, and more for shooting), 10 photo studios, a 2,000-square-foot product storage room, a 1,000-square-foot prop store, a library, 14 meeting rooms, a showroom, zoom rooms, independent cubbies, workstations that can accommodate over 100 people, and outdoor space. The task, then, became to take this amalgam of functions and “figure out how to disperse them across the space, create a journey as you’re moving through, and create interior architecture that helps break down the scale, because sometimes when you walk into a space like this it’s so overwhelming,” the studio’s cofounder Brad Sherman explained to AN Interior.

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