Floki surges with major token burn, NuggetRush eyes gaming, BNB’s bullish forecast

Floki’s price jumps after burning 14.5 billion tokens; NuggetRush targets the billion-dollar gaming market; Binance Coin may hit new highs.

Floki has burned over 14.5 billion FLOKI tokens, sparking a surge in its price. Meanwhile, Binance Coin is poised to exceed its all-time high of $690.93. Additionally, NuggetRush is positioning itself to capitalize on the booming blockchain gaming sector.

NuggetRush excites the million-dollar blockchain gaming sector

NuggetRush (NUGX) is set to transform the blockchain gaming landscape by tapping into the gaming market, which is projected to reach $615 billion by 2030. With its innovative play-to-earn mining concept, NuggetRush emerges as the best crypto investment opportunity.

In NuggetRush’s virtual gold mining game, players are allocated parcels of land containing hidden minerals and gems. Armed with in-game tools, players excavate the land to uncover these treasures, earning rewards as they progress through various levels.

These in-game rewards can be exchanged for real gold, presenting a dual-profit strategy that sets NuggetRush apart as a good earning platform. In addition, NuggetRush will send a portion of profits to artisanal gold miners living in underdeveloped countries to improve their living conditions.

Currently, NuggetRush’s NUGX is priced at $0.019 and is expected to give investors a 100% ROI after its listing on exchanges. So, the project has raised $2.9 million, which will be used to expand the project further in the DeFi industry.

Binance Coin price prediction 

Binance Coin (BNB), the token powering the BNB Chain, has surprised the crypto community as it soared past the $500 mark. In the past week, Binance Coin witnessed a 27.6% price pump, which took it from a low of $375.41 to a high of $541.59.

This remarkable rally follows a surge across the board in the crypto market, during which Bitcoin jumped over $70,000 and Ethereum rocketed past $4,000.

At the same time, the recent price jump has also raised Binance Coin’s gains on the monthly and yearly price charts to 66.1% and 93.8%, respectively.

Another price pump, Binance Coin, is just about 30% away from its all-time high (ATH) of $690.93. However, to reach $600, Binance Coin will have to battle resistance at $552.67 and $574.24.

If this happens, analysts see Binance Coin setting a new peak in the coming months.

Floki burns over 14.5 billion FLOKI

Floki Inu (FLOKI), one of the dog-themed meme coins, has been on a rapid rally in the past week. It outperformed other Solana meme coins, such as Bonk and Dogwifhat, which also saw gains during this time. The project’s recent token-burning spree is one factor that has led to the price rally.

As per a recent tweet, the project has burned more than 14.5 billion FLOKI tokens (approximately 3.2 million dollars) over the past week.

The key products fuelling the FLOKI burn are the FlokiFi Locker DeFi Protocol, Floki Staking program, and BNB and ETH chains transactions.

Data from CoinMarketCap showed that Floki’s price has surged 81.3% and 736.2% in the past week and month. The altcoin price fluctuates at the $0.0001079 – $0.0002969 price range and could rise higher if the rally continues.

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