Former Australian PM Blasts Fox News For Its 'Angertainment'

Rupert Murdoch inherited his father’s Australian newspaper “The News” at the age of 21, and from there, he went on to pollute the world with his brand of toxic ‘news.’ Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull didn’t hold back when telling MSNBC host Nicole Wallace what he thought of Murdoch’s Fox News.

“I’ve always believed the role of a national leader is to unite their nation, their country, their community, to bring people together,” Turnbull said. “Now, what Trump does and what, and of course, Victor Orban, who he’s also fascinated with, as you said, does the same thing in Hungary, what his goal is is to divide, take advantage of those divisions, and then use that to, you know, rile up his supporters, you know so that he can get enough support to win.”

He went on to say that the right-wing media props up Trump’s divisive politics.

“And, you know, this is supported by the right-wing media in America, particularly Fox News, what I call “angertainment” and, you know, it’s doing unbelievable damage to your country,” he added.

He has also warned that Trump is a threat to the free world.

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