Fox And Friends Ignores Biden's Fabulous Jobs Numbers, Again

What’s new, Fox and Friends? Got anything to report this morning?

Yes, Tom Brady has a recipe for avocado ice cream, let’s taste some on the set!


What about this story? Anything? Bueller?

Why would the morning news program on Fox’s propaganda outlet talk about that? They didn’t last month, either.

Over on Fox Business, Trump’s former economic advisor (yeah) Larry Kudlow gave his viewers a big ol’ apology, despite Sandra Smith’s protestations!

LARRY KUDLOW: Mea culpa, I was wrong about the slowdown and the recession. So was the entire —

SANDRA SMITH: I don’t think you were wrong.

KUDLOW: — forecasting fraternity. Well the Fed — everyone was wrong.

Not true, Larry. Joe Biden wasn’t wrong, and neither were the voters in 2020. Mea culpa that.

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