Fox Finally Walks Back 'Terrorist Attack' Report About Niagara Explosion

After scaring the crap out of their viewers for hours, Fox finally walked back their “reporting” that the car explosion at Niagara Falls was supposedly a terrorist attack, but that didn’t stop them from continuing to use the event as an excuse to attack President Biden.

This Wednesday, there was an explosion from a car that crashed at the US-Canada Rainbow Bridge border crossing, which turned out to be ” a man was traveling with his wife in a 2022 Bentley at a high rate of speed when the vehicle hit a curb, then a guardrail that sent the vehicle airborne into the secondary screening area of Rainbow Bridge.” New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said there is no indication of terrorism involved, but that didn’t stop Fox from jumping the gun before anyone knew what was going on with segments like the one above.

Here’s more on that from The Meidas Touch Network:

Fox News initiated coverage around 1:15 PM EST, framing it initially as a truck-related incident with mention of an explosion, but with limited details. However, things took a turn when Fox aired statements from their reporter, Alexis McAdams, claiming a high-level police source described the explosion as a terrorist attack, stating the vehicle contained ‘a lot of explosives.’ Subsequently, Fox escalated their coverage, devoting all their attention to the incident, largely based on this single source.

Fox baselessly began employing the term ‘Islamic terrorism,’ describing hypothetical scenarios regarding potential casualties if the vehicle had advanced. They continued to tell their audience that the vehicle contained explosives. Fox Host John Roberts even speculated that the premature detonation of the vehicle might be attributed to the driver’s insufficient expertise in handling explosives.

And as they noted, while the other networks were much more careful with their reporting, and emphasized that “an initial sweep of the vehicle did not indicate that there were any explosives,” that didn’t stop Fox from running segments like the one with John Roberts and former Trump Administration spokesperson, Morgan Ortagus:

Ortagus: I was there back in 2007. VBIEDs—essentially, this is what it was, a vehicle IED, what we are reporting that this car was laden with—and that is something that was a hallmark in both Iraq and Afghanistan .. This is a hallmark of terrorist groups. We saw both Sunni and Shia terrorist groups using this..

Ortagus began to speculate that the incident was a result of “open and porous borders” and ISIS-K having a foothold in Afghanistan.

At the start of the 3pm hour, Fox reporter Alexis McAdams was still at it:

As the next show began on Fox at 3:00 PM EST, the host, Trace Gallagher, told their audience the vehicle contained a ‘ton’ of explosives based on their sources. Alexis McAdams was brought back on to reiterate that sources told her that this was an attempted terrorist attack, and the car was ‘packed’ full of explosives. McAdams said a high-level source informed her that the vehicle was told to go into another lane so that they could get a closer look at the vehicle, and at that point, the vehicle tried to ‘veer head-on’ into a border patrol building.

Finally, about a half hour later, they started walking things back:

That didn’t stop Jason Chaffetz of using the incident to attack President Biden later that evening.

We know Fox isn’t a “news” channel. They can’t even do straight reporting on something like a car crash without using it to help further their political agenda.

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