Fox Hack Goes On Unhinged Rant Over VP Harris Photo With Gas Stove

Here we go again with another freakout on Fox “news” over gas stoves. It doesn’t take much to set these people off. They already hate Vice President Kamala Harris with the heat of a thousand suns, and this is the tweet that had Fox regulars Lisa Boothe, who was filling in for Laura Ingraham this Friday, and her guest, Charlie Hurt, lose their minds.

As we’ve already discussed here, no, the Biden administration is not coming for anyone’s gas stoves and they’re not going to ban them. They were looking into potentially doing a better job of regulating them to prevent things like childhood asthma, and some cities have moved to ban gas stoves in some new homes and apartments, so of course the right has used this as an excuse to drum up the fake outrage machine, which is pretty much all they’re good at.

They were at it again this Friday, and the crap from Charlie Hurt was really over the top. As Mediaite reported, here’s how Boothe started the segment:

BOOTHE: Speaking of Thanksgiving, we couldn’t help but notice Kamala’s tweet about it. Here she is with Second Gentleman Doug in what appears to be their kitchen with her homemade cornbread, but what’s that behind them? Is that a gas stove? Kamala, how could you? Don’t you remember when the Biden administration suggested banning gas stoves?

Charlie, I was reliably informed that gas stoves are evil and should be banned from existence. So, you know, I’m a little bit confused. Can you explain this for me, my friend?

No one said they should be “banned from existence, which I’m sure Boothe knows, which was followed by this hateful nonsense from Hurt:

HURT: They’re suddenly going to kill all of us after we’ve been using them for, I don’t know, all of the last 150 years. They’re suddenly going to kill us all. No, it’s really amazing and it’s really interesting, it’s not just, of course, the Biden administration that has suggested that they want to do away with gas stoves, it’s actually– if you go to Democrat-run places, like Washington, D.C. and New York City, and you look at the new, latest building codes and approvals for building apartment buildings, they’ve removed the gas lines from them because they want to take away your gas stoves.

And so it’s so funny that people, they saw that, her tweet, they saw her stove. They rightly heckled and mocked her and made fun of her and ridiculed her, and then all of the Democrats got freaked out and jumped online and said, “Oh no, wait a minute, they don’t want to take away the gas stoves. That’s misinformation.” No, they do want to take away the gas stoves and, in fact, they are taking away the gas stoves in any of the places where they control things!

BOOTHE: Why do they want to ban gas stoves?

HURT: I think because they hate us, they hate humans, they hate joyfulness, they hate pies, they hate good food. They hate. They want us all to be miserable.

They want us to suffer because when we’re not suffering, if we’re not suffering, we are, you know, we’re making things, we’re creating things, we’re joyful, we’re doing wonderful things, everybody is happy, and that drives them crazy. Because they’re all miserable. They want all of America to be as miserable and unhappy and unloved as they are, and we are just not going to go along with it.

Yeah, sure Sparky. We all just hate life and are angry all the time. I think he’s confusing liberals and Democrats with their viewers, who they do their best to keep in a state of constant anger with segments like this one.

And as Raw Story reported, it wasn’t just Fox. It seems Ted Cruz and others wanted to get in on the act as well.

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