Fox Host Spins Incredible Conspiracy Theory Over Trump Judgment

Conservatives are losing their shit after Judge Engoron ordered Donald Trump to pay roughly $354 million, and the former President will have to fork over an additional $87,502 in post-judgment interest every single day until his new debt is paid off. It’s simple to avoid this happening to you: Do not inflate your net worth to get more favorable loan terms. Easy peasy. Play by the rules. This isn’t hard — unless you’re Ainsley Earhardt, the Fox co-host who spun an unbelievable conspiracy theory.

“Kevin O’Leary said the same thing; remember, the guy from Shark Tank said he doesn’t want to invest in New York anymore,” Earhardt said. Because people are wondering if you get in trouble, if you’re a conservative, if you’re a Republican, if you like Donald Trump, they’re already going through our bank accounts to see who has shopped at certain stores, who is giving money to Donald Trump.

“And it’s scary. It’s scary to know that the government can do this,” she added.

No, it’s not scary since that claim is not based on reality. What’s shocking is to see the amount of people who are OK with Trump committing fraud. We knew he was lying about his financial worth for years. MAGA defended him when he wouldn’t reveal his tax returns as promised on the campaign trail. Yeah, we knew. We also know that the party of ‘law & order’ is full of shit. Maybe Fox should report on the trucker boycott, which isn’t happening either.

Don’t be a lawbreaking scumbag, and you’ll be OK, Ainsley. Or is there something she wants to tell us?

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