Fox News Debates Whether Biden Is 'Bad Dad' On Father's Day

Fox News pundit and Outkick founder Clay Travis suggested President Joe Biden was a “bad dad” because he has not pardoned his son Hunter, who was convicted of three felony charges.

During a panel discussion on Father’s Day, Fox News host Howard Kurtz wondered why Biden would say he would not pardon his son or commute his sentence.

“Everyone’s saying, oh, I don’t believe it,” Kurtz claimed. “Why would he say that?”

“Because he’s telling the truth, because he is not going to pardon his son, because he is not going to commute the sentence,” strategist Lucy Caldwell explained. “And I guess that Joe Biden follows a standard that is different than what is being suggested.”

“I just said I would pardon or commute my kids,” Travis interrupted. “I think every dad would.”

Caldwell was shocked by Travis’ suggestion.

“This is amazing,” she said. “Because now, OK, so now we have a narrative that Joe Biden is being deceptive and that he is going to pardon his son.”

“So now we have that,” she continued. “But now, if we don’t see Joe Biden pardon his son, I’m — I’m just sort of — I’m — I’m not even dumbstruck.”

“We’re going to have a new narrative that he is a bad dad because only a bad dad would not pardon his son.”

Travis insisted Biden was a “bad” father.

“I think there’s evidence that he’s a bad dad,” he opined. “I think you can look at Ashley Biden. I think you can look at what’s happened with Hunter Biden. I think you can look at his dogs. He’s a bad dog owner.”

“I don’t think Joe Biden’s a particularly nice guy, but I believe that I believe dads and moms would tend to commute or pardon their child,” Travis added. “I think the truth, if I were president, I would pardon Donald Trump from all these stupid federal charges, and I would pardon my son, and I would say it’s time to fix the justice system in this country.”

Caldwell replied: “This is a perfect vignette of the way in which Joe Biden will never get the benefit of the doubt with one sector of the media.”

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