Fox News Gives Voting Machine Companies More Ammo For Lawsuits

Here are the hosts of this Saturday’s Fox & Friends pushing the conspiracy theory that the “machines” are rigged for Biden, or any other Democrat that they are pretending might replace him running for president, with Rachel Campos-Duffy lying about early voting and what that means for the election results as well.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Will, to your point, I mean, I guess, if Joe Biden doesn’t win, the most likely if he drops out or at least one of the top contenders will be Kamala. I think Kamala would do worse than Joe Biden.

HEGSETH: I think you’re right. I don’t think Joe is going anywhere. I think he is selfish. I think they think he had the performance he needed to have at the State of the Union. I think they’ll find a way to explain away the polls as outliers. I think they think they have an election machine that can, especially in swing states, that can defend him, and they will count on the press and everyone else to ramp it up to Russia-gate levels, yet again on his behalf. So, I don’t think he’s going anywhere.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: And they’ll do the same thing. Remember, they were like, beware of the Republican mirage that’s going to happen in the beginning of when the… when the votes come in, and all the kind of stuff they do when the… and, listen, the… mail-in voting is a recipe for cheating. It just is.

And if you really cared about elections, we would have write-in ballots, paper ballots, but we don’t. This is what they like. I think they seem very confident in Joe Biden winning, and it’s not because Joe Biden’s great.

CAIN: The State of the Union doesn’t matter. No one cares about the State of the Union

HEGSETH: It only mattered internally.

CAIN: The machine that you with referenced does matter. And I do think that is a legitimate rebuttal to my anticipation it won’t be Joe Biden. It’s like you could put anybody, you know, in front of the machine, and and the machine will push them across the finish line.

Just… what… Joe Biden’s adversary is not Donald Trump. As much as Donald Trump has defined politics for eight years, the truth is what Joe Biden is fighting now is apathy. So he needs if passion for people, and I think there is fatigue, by the way. I think the resistance has lost some steam.

You know, they have to keep believing that Donald Trump’s an existential threat to America, and after eight and nine years of that, there is some fatigue on the idea that we’re going to die if Donald Trump becomes president.

And so, they’ll try to ramp it up. You’re exactly right. Oh, fascism, authoritarianism, all these things. They’re going to… racism, abortion. They’re going to, like, stoke every log on the fire to divide you and try to get the passions. We’re not talking about you or me or anyone watching.

HEGSETH: Yeah, I know what you’re saying.

CAIN: They’re not even talking about swing voters now. They’re talking, you know, their base…

HEGSETH: You know the word I’ve heard? Amnesia, for that. They’re already wheeling it out. They’re saying you’ve forgotten. You’ve forgotten how horrible it was.

CAIN: Yeah.

HEGSETH: And everyone was like, yeah, but I kind of feel like it was the good.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: I remember, I went on vacation…

CAIN: If Trump stays at 2020 levels but Joe Biden loses to apathy, it’s over. You see what I’m saying?

HEGSETH Oh, for sure.

CAIN: So his enemy isn’t Trump. It’s apathy, and that’s why they want to replace Biden.

CAMPOS-DUFFY: Which is why he gave the speech that he did, which was a completely partisan, not unifying speech. He really is… but that goes back to the point where, you’re in danger when you have to give a State of the Union that’s a campaign speech, because you’re afraid that your base has, as you said, you know, they’ve lost their passion for you.

HEGSETH Which is very different, by the way, than the State of the Union Donald that Trump gave in 2020. If you go back and watch it, very different.

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