Fox News Guest Cries Because 'Snow White Isn't Even White Anymore'

A Fox News guest complained on Monday after discovering that a white woman will not play the next Snow White.

Fox News host John Roberts asked Oukick host Charly Arnolt to explain why Hollywood summer movies had not performed well in China. A clip of the segment went viral on social media.

“You can put all the Chinese propaganda you want in movies, but if you’re going to go so woke, I mean, now they make jokes,” Arnolt asserted before saying Hollywood was now called “Hollywoke.”

“And Chinese audiences, just like American audiences, we’re finding out don’t want any part of that,” she continued. “And I mean, just, you know, you used some movies already as examples, ‘The Little Mermaid’ being one.”

She then pointed to the casting of a Latina woman as the next Snow White.

“But look at the new rendition of Snow White that’s going to be coming out soon,” Arnolt opined. “The seven dwarves aren’t even dwarves anymore because they thought that to be too politically incorrect. Snow White is not even a white woman anymore, even though her name is Snow White.”

“We’re just going too far out of the way to make things super diverse and inclusive,” she added. “It’s no longer about high-quality film production anymore or entertainment.”

The films Barbie and Oppenheimer collected $235 million combined in box office receipts during their opening weekend.

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