Fox News Host Twisted In Knots Promoting Michelle Obama Conspiracy Theory

Bill O’Reilly’s former henchman really is just stupid.

Never mind that they’ve been pushing this crap for months on end now, pretending Michelle Obama will be a “last-minute Trojan horse” in the 2024 presidential election, which she has said over and over isn’t happening and was even shot down by Karl Rove on Fox Business Network.

They’re going to keep pushing this nonsense until the convention is over, and it would not surprise me if they find a way to keep it up after that.

Here’s former O’Reilly ambush “journalist” Jesse Watters being asked to weigh in on his previous lies about Michelle Obama during their primary night coverage on Fox.

BAIER: And we heard from Michelle Obama’s staff today that she is officially not running for president. She is supporting President Biden and Kamala Harris. You’ve said maybe there’s another shoe to drop in the Democratic party. Do you still think that’s true?

WATTERS: I’m so glad you asked me that question Bret, because, if you read between the lines, she’s not saying she wouldn’t agree to be drafted at the convention in Chicago, her home town. She’s saying she’s not running for president. So there is a chance.

Gotta’ love some of the reactions on Xitter:

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