Fox News' Leo Terrell Glorifies O.J. Simpson After His Death

Leo Terrell, the Trump-loving Fox News contributor who defended the alleged double murderer, told Fox News viewers that it was a privilege to know O.J. Simpson.

That’s sick. Most Americans born before 1982 understand the impact and ramification of the murders, O.J. Simpson car chase and the subsequent trial on America.

It’s a shocking event because what happened in that situation, it changed courtroom trials, televised courtroom.

Everything changed.

Soap operas were knocked off the air because the soap opera was in that courtroom with Judge Lance Ito.

You had Marsha Clark and you had Chris Darden on one side and then you had the so-called dream team, Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Alan Dershowitz.

And I had the privilege to know O.J. Simpson and the family and get to have that inside information and I portrayed that information on trial, I mean, on public appearances on television. I think what Eric brought up is very true to the extent that there’s a lot about that case that the American public does not know and probably, unfortunately, will not know because of attorney-client privilege and privacy issues.

Is it any wonder that Terrell is a rabid Trump supporter after knowing how he feels about O.J.?


But Leo Terrell, an attorney close to the defendant, said: “I don’t consider O.J. Simpson to be lying. I think it’s a game of semantics.” He said it would require “a leap in logic” for the jury to connect the domestic violence incidents to the 1994 murders.

I lived a couple of miles from where Nicole and Ron were viciously murdered and in my mind and most of America’s, O.J. brutally murdered them. No innocent man contemplates suicide after refusing to surrender to the authorities and then is filmed in that Bronco low speed chase.

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