Fox News Panel Really Mad At Taylor Swift For Drinking A Beer

The Republican obsession with singing superstar Taylor Swift continues. It’s not too surprising since controlling women is like a pastime for conservatives. A Fox News panel has had it with the “insufferable” couple. Travis Kelce isn’t making many friends in the right-wing media, and I’m sure he doesn’t care after his team was victorious on Super Bowl night. And hey, that was a great game, but conservatives are pretty quiet online lately about the Chiefs’ big win.

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe was mad at Swift for (checks notes) drinking beer.

“I find Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce insufferable, from the beer chugging thing from Taylor Swift — cool, everyone can do it, it’s not that hard, Taylor, we’ve all done it, from chugging a beer — to Travis Kelce knocking his coach over with his chest in his violent bit of rage,” she said. “Taylor, you should break up with him; he’s got issues. I find the two of them insufferable. I wish they weren’t a part of the whole thing, and then I could have enjoyed the Super Bowl more.”

Co-host Harris Faulkner was equally outraged over Swift having the audacity to drink a beer.

“But you’re right, I’m not going to argue with you, when she was chugging beer, and you’ve got kids in the room, and she’s slamming it down, I did question, you know, what do we really know about this 34-year-old woman, and does she realize how young her audience is?” Faulkner asked. “Or does it not matter?”

Narrator: It doesn’t matter what you think of her, you weirdo.

“It’s like, “OK, you’re so cool, Taylor,” Boothe, like, said. Like, gag me with a spoon.

I hope Boothe bet a lot of money on a 49ers win. Aren’t these the same people who claimed to stop watching football when Collin Kaepernick took a knee?

People are losing their shit over Swift and Kelce’s romance. Even Rep. Clay Higgins defended her.

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