Fox News Reporter: Busted Impeachment Witness Is 'Huge Problem' For GOP

Fox News host Howard Kurtz suggested his network had not provided enough coverage after an impeachment witness, former FBI informant Alexander Smirnov, was found to be lying about President Joe Biden.

On his Sunday Media Buzz program, Kurtz noted that Smirnov had been charged with making false statements about Biden and his son, Hunter.

“This is a star witness for Jim Comer, often cited by Fox and other outlets,” Kurtz said. “And I think the story deserves even more coverage.”

Washington Examiner editor Sarah Bedford agreed.

Some of the allegations against the Biden family were built on lies,” Bedford explained. “I don’t think, though, that the impeachment inquiry here is necessarily completely undermined by this one fact, because so much additional evidence has been gathered. But certainly this is the blow to the credibility of the allegations against the Biden family.”

Kurtz asked White House correspondent Jacqui Heinrich if the indictment was a “big problem” for Republicans.

“Huge problem,” Heinrich observed. “I think [Rep. James Comer (R-KY)] is going to have to lay out all of the evidence outside of this claim that makes the impeachment inquiry still valid.”

“I mean, they threatened to hold the FBI director in contempt to get a hold of this 1023 form in which this witness makes his allegation,” she continued. “So with this guy now having his credibility shot, a lot of onus on House Republicans to say that the impeachment inquiry is still warranted.”

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