Fox 'Reporter' Uses Himself As Sole Source For Report About Biden's Age

Lucas Tomlinson doesn’t just play a reporter for Fox News; he plays one on Xitter, too. Tomlinson is everywhere. Fortunately, he’s so painfully stupid that he got caught embarrassing himself. He embarrassed Fox News, too, so he’s a paid liar anyway. 2024 is right around the corner, so expect more of this assclownery to increase.

“The oldest president in US history also continues to face questions about his age, even here in Nantucket,” Tomlinson tells his colleague.

“Mr. President, are you too old to be running for reelection?” he can be seen asking the President while using himself as an example. You see, when he shouted out the question, you couldn’t see the reporter’s face. He is his own anonymous source.

“Why is Donald Trump beating you in the latest poll?” he adds. “President Biden faces the lowest approval rating of his presidency. We hope to hear from President Biden before he takes off to go back to Washington.”

And on X:

He failed to mention that he was the reporter shouting out the question. Xitter users had questions:

So, I will run over here (points at the map on a chalkboard), then rob a bank, then come back to report on ‘the robber’ whoever that might be. Who knows. It could be anyone. Glares at self.

And if he doesn’t ask Trump, who is only three years younger than Biden, if he feels he’s too old to run for President, then Lucas needs to sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

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