Fox Suddenly Falls Out Of Love With Republican Grandstanding

You know things would go really badly for Republicans if Hunter Biden were allowed to testify publicly, or we wouldn’t be watching segments like this one on Fox “news.”

Despite the fact that we’ve got the likes of Steve Bannon and Josh Hawley attacking James Comer for not allowing Biden to testify in public before the House Oversight Committee, Fox was desperately trying to paint giving a deposition behind closed doors as being better for the public since it prevents all the “grandstanding.”

Since when were Republicans opposed to grandstanding? I thought that was what they lived for.

On this Tuesday’s Outnumbered on Fox, host Harris Faulkner brought up the offer by Biden’s lawyers to testify before the committee next month, where they accused Republicans, rightfully, of using closed door sessions to manipulate what happened, before showing a recording of Comer accusing Biden of “trying to follow his own rules” and saying they expect “full cooperation.”

Comer claimed that he’s willing to give Hunter Biden an “opportunity to testify in public” at some future date, but we all know what any Republicans’ word is worth these days, and I’m sure Comer is hoping that would be after the damage is already done.

Faulkner framed the entire segment with her next question to Emily Compagno, when she asked if Hunter Biden was “just looking for the spotlight.” All of this was just complete projection on everything we’ve seen from Trump trying to defend himself in court to the point that it was just disgustingly comical.

Compagno responded by accusing Biden of “seeking attention” and perceiving himself “as the ultimate victim” and pretending he wants the world to take pity on him because he’s had a drug addiction. She then claimed that he’s irritating White House staffers by taking an aggressive stance of fighting fire with fire with his legal defense.

After some ridiculous chat about how much popcorn they’d all like to eat for some hearings that will never be televised, David Webb accused Biden of wanting the public hearing purely for “crisis management 101,” and pretended that somehow Biden might be allowed to perjure himself if he testified in public as opposed to in behind closed doors.

Then Harris Faulkner implied that Trump out there doing rallies while he’s also got God knows how many court appearances to handle is somehow a good thing, and that Biden somehow needs to “keep up” by going to court as well.

Sorry Harris, but first of all, Trump isn’t “handling his business in court.” And second, no one needs to “keep up” with him in that arena.

Which was followed by one of the more ridiculous portions of the segment, if that’s possible, with Michele Tafoya claiming that closed door hearings are so much better than public ones, because they “get to the heart of the matter” without grandstanding before claiming that Hunter Biden will have every opportunity to go before the cameras and tell everyone what happened just like Republicans.

Former Trump spox Kayleigh McEnany actually said she’d prefer an open hearing, but pushed the lie that Hunter Biden could get away with lying before Congress with no consequences as her excuse.

Given the fact that the only thing Republicans and their enablers care about is grandstanding, I’m wondering how long it takes for Fox to do a 180 on this one.

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