Fox Uses Biden Holiday Vacation To Accuse Him Of Taking Bribes And 'Robbery'

Someone wake me up when Fox’s Tammy Bruce has this same sort of vitriolic reaction to anything the Trump’s have done. It’s the holiday season, so it’s time for our annual freakout over on Fox “news” that a Democratic president dares to take a vacation around rich people.

Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz was filling in for Hannity this Friday and got the outrage machine going over President Biden spending the day in Nantucket:

CHAFFETZ: Now Tammy, you know, hanging on a thirty four million dollar mansion on the beach while, you know, wars are raging and Americans are struggling, that’s not exactly the best look, is it? I mean, he just seems to be oblivious to that or just doesn’t care, or, I just think that’s who who he is, but it’s really not a good look, is it?

Which guest Bruce responded to by accusing Joe Biden of getting rich from “bribery” and basically calling him earning a salary from the taxpayers “robbery.”

BRUCE: Yeah. You know, it’s how they’ve lived. It is an outrageous display, considering the financial issues that he and his family are facing, that are, you know, questionable, to say the least, that in fact could, you know, be dealing with money and favors from other countries, the issue of bribery being discussed.

So, it’s a very interesting dynamic when Americans are still asking, how is that you can spend your life in public service and be living this kind of luxurious lifestyle? We’re getting a hint of perhaps how, but I think what this tells us, Jason, is that this is just simply what it’s been like for most of his adult life. It’s what his family’s life has been like.

They’ve lived off the largess of the American taxpayer. It has been a game to them. They see what our hard work is being something that gets them their beach houses, and I want everyone to be successful. Make no mistake about that, but this is in a,sort of a way, kind of robbery.

When you’re doing things for your own benefit when you’re supposed to be doing things for the country’s benefit, and you are doing it because it is getting you, you know, rich, and it’s not just him, but (inaudible) apparently his entire family.

So, in a holiday where money is a problem, where the economy is tough, where over 70 percent of Americans don’t like the direction of the country, they are almost thumbing their noses at us, and I think obviously that’s going to move through next year, as well.

Biden made most of his money from speaking engagements and book deals, which I’m sure Bruce is well aware of, but they’ve got to dirty up Biden and his family so their viewers all believe he’s just as bad as Trump.

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