Foxplaining The CIA Psy-op Operation Traylor

Once again, Desi Lydic of The Daily Show does the nasty, dirty work of watching Fox so that we don’t have to. Just so that she can explain the secret agenda of the CIA psyop known as Operation Traylor Bowl. Unfortunately, there are still many burning questions that Lydic did not answer. One such question is why does no one know for sure how to pronounce Kelce. Not even the people acting like family members can agree on how to pronounce their last name. Is it Kels or is it Kel-see?

Another question setting my mind to racing is why does anybody care or, more directly, why should I care? I’ve never cared before who some bubble gum pop star is dating or what color lipstick she was wearing. Why should I start now?

But the most important question of them all – the one that no one has the courage to even talk about – is this:

Do they really still play the Super Bowl if the Green Bay Packers aren’t in it? Seriously, I’ve never watched a Super Bowl without them, so I doubt there is even such a thing.

Open thread below….

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