Fox's Ingraham Accuses Democrats Of Being The Ones 'Prepared To Cheat'

More right-wing projection from over in Fox-alternative-universe land. MAGA propagandist Laura Ingraham opened her show this Tuesday night by first attacking anyone who has dared to point out how dangerous a Trump second term would be and criticizing his increasingly authoritarian and unhinged rhetoric, before launching into a screed accusing Democrats of being the ones who are “prepared to cheat” and “laying the groundwork for election interference” in 2024:

LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): All of these characters sound like people who are prepared to cheat, or at least justify cheating next year. After all, if Trump really is what they say he is — the man who will end democracy, a Hitlerian figure — then how could he possibly be allowed to be able to run for office, be approaching the White House? If they really believe what they’re saying, shouldn’t we expect that they’ll try to defeat him or knock him off by any means necessary?

And because the voters are turning to Trump, all they can do is write insipid articles alleging the same old, same old. They’re so angry that they’re prepared to break the whole system, perhaps even laying the groundwork for election interference next November, because they just don’t care. It’s about winning. That’s all that matters.

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