Framework Bicycles Introduces the Future of Performance Cycling with Custom Bike Frames and Components

Framework Bicycles Introduces the Future of Performance Cycling with Custom Bike Frames and Components

Discover the cutting-edge of cycling with Framework Bicycles’ bespoke bike frames and components for unparalleled performance.

Canada, October 19, 2023 / LinkDaddy News / – Framework Bicycles, a leading custom bike builder, is revolutionizing the cycling industry with its innovative approach to creating bespoke bike frames and components. By combining advanced CAD/CAM technology with aerospace-certified CNC milling, Framework Bicycles offers cycling enthusiasts the opportunity to design and build their dream bikes, tailored to their unique geometry and riding goals.

At the heart of Framework Bicycles’ process is a deeply integrated CAD/CAM system that seamlessly connects a parametric model of the bike to their CNC mills. This allows for precise carving and manufacturing that is not possible with traditional bike builders. By leveraging this advanced technology, Framework Bicycles is able to design and produce fully bespoke and editable bike models within minutes, enabling rapid iteration and customization.

“Our goal at Framework Bicycles is to provide cyclists with the opportunity to ride a bike that perfectly matches their individual needs and preferences. Our advanced CAD/CAM system, coupled with our aerospace-certified CNC background, allows us to create custom bike frames and components with unparalleled precision and quality.”

Framework-Bicycles-3Unlike mass-produced bikes, most of which are manufactured with headset cups and bottom brackets that may necessitate compromises in performance or result in failure, Framework Bicycles’ frames feature bearing interfaces that are machined directly into the frames. This innovative design approach ensures stiff, low-resistance bearing assemblies that directly translate to improved power transfer, reduced weight, and less frequent maintenance.

“Our frames eliminate the need for traditional headset cups and separate bottom brackets, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient riding experience. By integrating the bearing races directly into the head tube and bottom bracket shell, we achieve precise alignment and eliminate potential points of failure, allowing cyclists to focus on their performance without worrying about technical issues.”

Framework-Bicycles-4In addition to their cutting-edge frame designs, Framework Bicycles offers a range of customized components, including cranksets that are specifically engineered to work flawlessly with their frames. With the integration of custom cranksets, Framework Bicycles ensures hassle-free axial preload, further enhancing the performance and reliability of their bikes.

Framework Bicycles’ dedication to quality and innovation has garnered recognition within the cycling industry. Their custom bike frames and components have become sought-after by professional and amateur cyclists alike, who appreciate the personalized approach and superior performance offered by their products.

“Every cyclist deserves a bike that is uniquely tailored to their body and riding style. With our custom bike frames and components, we are empowering cyclists to reach their full potential on the road or trail. Whether you are a professional racer or a weekend rider, Framework Bicycles has the solution for you.”

About Framework Bicycles

Framework Bicycles is a leading custom bike builder based in Canada. With their deeply integrated CAD/CAM system and aerospace-certified CNC milling technology, Framework Bicycles is able to design and manufacture fully bespoke and editable bike frames and components. Their commitment to precision, innovation, and personalization has made them a trusted choice for cyclists seeking performance and quality in their bikes.

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