France Adds Abortion Rights To Their Constitution

France becomes first country to explicitly enshrine abortion rights in constitution

PARIS — With the endorsement of a specially convened session of lawmakers at the Palace of Versailles, France on Monday became the first country in the world to explicitly enshrine abortion rights in its constitution — an effort galvanized by the rollback of protections in the United States.

[…] French President Emmanuel Macron announced that a “sealing ceremony,” a tradition reserved for the most significant laws, would take place Friday, coinciding with International Women’s Day.

“We’re sending a message to all women: Your body belongs to you, and no one can decide for you,” Prime Minister Gabriel Attal told lawmakers assembled in Versailles.

And this stunned me:

The amendment referring to abortion as a “guaranteed freedom” passed by a vote of 780 in favor and 72 against, far above the required threshold of support from three-fifths of lawmakers, or 512 votes.

That’s amazing.

Well done France, I wish we were so lucky to have that kind of support, instead of having fetus-fondlers arguing that Zygotes are people.

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