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Franklin Bitcoin ETF yet to see indication of delay order

According to Bloomberg analyst James Seyffart, who covers ETFs and the broader industry, no indication of a delay order for the Franklin Bitcoin ETF filing is evident.

The deadline for an answer is tomorrow, Nov. 17, the same as Hashdex, according to the Nov. 16 post on X.

Adding suspense

In a separate post made on Nov. 14, Seyffart shares that there is a pretty good chance the crypto community will delay orders from the SEC, stating that even if this is the case, it would not change anything about the analysis’ views for approval by Jan. 10.

That said, a delay order was made for Hashdex’s application to convert $DEFI from a Bitcoin futures ETF to one that holds spot and futures; this application shared the same deadline as the Franklin Bitcoin ETF that is still awaiting a decision.

At the same time, the decision for GlobalX or announcement of delay is coming up five days after on Nov. 21.

Awaiting the wave

Seyffart goes on to state that there is no shot the SEC approves one Bitcoin ETF at a time. He believes approvals will come in a wave.

So, while it is technically possible an approval could happen in the next day, the analyst suggests another delay is imminent.

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