'Friend Of The Family' Congressman Served With Divorce Papers

You might think that if you advertise yourself as a ‘family values’ candidate who backs ‘traditional marriage,’ you wouldn’t go around engaging in multiple affairs and then brag about it, but that’s not how Rep Jeff Duncan (R-SC) rolls. The Friend of the Family Award winner made a commitment to defend the family, just not his own.

Source: Daily News

A South Carolina congressman has left his wife after multiple alleged affairs – despite declaring himself a ‘family values’ candidate who backs ‘traditional marriage.

Jeff Duncan’s alleged dalliances were revealed by his wife of 25 years and mother of his three children, Melody Duncan, as she filed for divorce from the GOP lawmaker in a Laurens County courthouse on Friday.

The filing alleged that Duncan, an outspoken Republican who claims on his congressional page that he is ‘a strong advocate for life and traditional family values’, carried out one of the affairs with a DC lobbyist, named as Liz Williams in the document. Duncan is now believed to be living with Williams.

Duncan seemed pretty open about his many trysts, even while recently raising money at a Faith and Freedom BBQ. The divorce filing is something else, with his wife describing their marriage as “cold and loveless” as he openly “flaunted the affair in front of Melody’s face while purporting to carry on a healthy marriage in front of his constituents while on his re-election campaign trail.

According to Friday’s filing, Duncan made no secret of his affair with Williams in Washington social circles, and his wife believes he may have even quietly moved in with her.

‘(Duncan) has admitted to (Melody) that he has an ongoing sexual relationship,’ with Williams, the filing claims.

The shocking court statement added that the GOP lawmaker further admitted to the ‘adulterous relationship to many other people, including the parties’ sons and members of his staff.’

In one instance alleged by Melody, it was claimed that as recently as August 28 Duncan was touting his ‘loving’ marriage to his wife when he hosted conservative fundraiser ‘Faith and Freedom BBQ.’

And here’s Rep. Duncan receiving his award last year from another moral degenerate, Ralph Reed of the Faith & Freedom Coalition.

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