Galxe launches Identity Protocol to boost user control, privacy

Galxe announces the launch of Identity Protocol, introducing an identity infrastructure that focuses on user privacy, security, and sovereignty.

Utilizing Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), the protocol lets users control their digital identity and private data during public verification scenarios. According to the company’s blog, Galxe Identity Protocol aims to empower users with control over their digital identity and private data.

The launch marks a new phase in managing and sharing verifiable credentials across the web3 landscape. The protocol uses ZKP technology to allow for the secure authentication of identity without compromising the privacy or integrity of personal information.

To address challenges like Proof duplication, Galxe introduces an identity commitment schema that enhances privacy and makes data untraceable during on-chain verification processes.

The protocol simplifies the creation of new credentials in a no-code environment. It streamlines the credential issuance process through an aggregation mechanism that allows for minting a Soulbound token.

The protocol’s framework supports various applications, including the prevention of Sybil attacks, decentralized reputation and credit systems, a personal data market, secure identity verification methods, decentralized review systems, and transferable achievement systems. The flexibility aims to enhance the utility and value of user achievements across different ecosystems.

Galxe, a company in the web3 infrastructure and digital identity network, supports this initiative with a suite of products that include Galxe Quest, Galxe Passport, Galxe Score, Galxe Compass, and Alva, promoting the development of web3 applications.

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