Gavin Newsom's Jaw-Dropping New Ad Goes Viral In Red States

Newsom’s ad through and Campaign for Democracy will soon expand to more red states. I especially liked how it uses “Trump Republicans” as a slur, just as it ought to be.

Source: Politico

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Sunday broadened his incursion into red America, unveiling the first in a series of TV ads that accuses conservative officials of holding women hostage by imposing restrictions on their travel for reproductive care.

Newsom’s new ad, which debuted Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” will air in Tennessee, where a state representative is trying to outlaw transporting a minor for an abortion. Under the Tennessee proposal, adults who engage in “ abortion trafficking” — helping pregnant minors get the procedure out-of-state without parental permission — could be charged with a felony that carries up to 15 years in prison.

The new TV spot in Tennessee, part of an initial six-figure buy on broadcast, cable and digital platforms that will expand to more red states, shows a distressed young woman handcuffed to a hospital gurney and pleading for help. The voiceover says “Trump Republicans” want to criminalize young women who travel for reproductive care.

The ad.

Universal love from the left, of course. And instant condemnation from the right wing, which means it hit a nerve.

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