George Conway Rips Spineless Republicans

We saw it with Nikki Haley, who pretended she wasn’t following the E. Jean Carroll case when asked by the useless Dana Bash what she thought about Trump being found liable for sexual assault, and we’ve seen the same thing from just about the entire Republican party, who, one by one have decided that loyalty to Trump matters before all else.

Trump lackey Kellyanne Conway’s ex-husband George Conway has been one of the more outspoken never-Trumpers out there, and he tore into Trump, his fellow Republicans, and the media during an interview on CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins this Friday.

Conway joined Collins to discuss the Carroll verdict, and Collins asked him whether the $83 million would be enough to stop Trump from talking about Carroll.

CONWAY: Maybe for a few hours. Maybe for a few days. We’ve seen it before. We’ve seen him say and do outrageous things.

And early on, in his presidency, we’d see him say the most insane things, and then all of a sudden, he’d tamp it down, for a few hours, and read from a teleprompter, and they’d say, oh, this is the new Donald Trump.

Well, there is no new Donald Trump. The Donald Trump that you see today is the same Donald Trump that people have, who have been watching him closely, for years, and who I unfortunately had to watch, over the last several years, it’s the same Donald Trump. He is, as Judge Kaplan, the president judge in this case, said, he’s somebody, who can’t control himself.

And he can’t control himself because he’s a deeply disturbed, a deeply morally bereft human being, who has no conscience, has no morality, has no empathy, has no remorse, and is sadistic, as we saw during the trial. And as the jurors saw, in the trial, right in front of their very eyes, that he had nothing but contempt, for the woman that he raped and libeled and defamed, so many times. This is a sick man. He is a bad man.

And what’s most disturbing about this is that so — so many people make this about politics that they want to support him, for whatever reason, or because they’ve done it in the past, and they pretend that he is not who he is. And many of them — I mean, some of them are regulars (ph).

But many of them, in the upper reaches, of his political party, know better. They know who he is. They talk about who he is behind closed doors. They know he is an evil man. They know he is a sick man. They talk about his mental deficiencies, his psychological disorders. They talk about what a pathological liar he is.

And then, when somebody asks them to go on the record, to talk about it, they say, oh, no comment, I didn’t see the tweet. They say, like a presidential candidate recently did, I haven’t been following the case, or something like that. And they’re all lying, lying to protect a pathological liar.

And it’s about time that these people look themselves, in the mirror, and start telling the truth, OK? It’s better for them, in the long run, to start telling the truth, and admit that they’ve been covering up, for a sexual predator, a criminal, a thief, a man who does not deserve to hold any office, let alone the highest office in the land.

But this is, again, it’s not about politics. It’s about right and wrong. And people need to start looking at it that way.

I agree with everything Conway said, but there’s no hope any of them are going to tell the truth about Trump, ever. Even if he keeled over dead tomorrow, they’d still keep lying to placate the lemmings who worship him that they’re scared to death of.

Republicans have allowed their base to become radicalized for decades now, and now they’re dealing with the inevitable end result of that radicalization. It’s not going away any time soon, and it’s not going to end with Trump.

Conway has correctly described the rot within his party. Whether there’s a cure for the disease is another matter entirely.

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