George Conway: Trump's Behavior With Carroll Lawyer 'Utterly Childish'

Attorney George Conway joined CNN’s Kaitlan Collins this Friday to discuss the incident that broke following E. Jean Carroll’s Lawyer Roberta Kaplan’s appearance on his podcast, where she talked about the way Trump acted during his deposition, tossing papers across the desk because his lawyer Alina Habba agreed to provide Carroll’s lawyers lunch, and basically calling Kaplan the c-word with some childish “joke” telling her he’d “see her next Tuesday.”

After playing a portion of that podcast, Collins asked Conway to weigh in. Conway responded by reminding everyone that this behavior should be no surprise to anyone, given the fact that it’s not the first time he’s done something like this.

COLLINS: But, I mean, what did you think, when you were sitting there, listening to that?

CONWAY: I mean, it’s just appalling. I mean, he’s a pig. And the fact that he was President of the United States makes it all the more distressing.

I mean, it was misogynistic. I mean, to call a woman that, to her face, and trying to be cute about it, I mean, it was just disgraceful, and the kind of indecent conduct that you wouldn’t expect in any adult. I mean, it was just, I wouldn’t even say it was teenage boy- level conduct. It was just utterly, utterly childish.

And it’s not that surprising that Trump does this. I mean, we know — we’ve seen him do all sorts of crude and — things over time.

And it brought to mind this incident that occurred in The Roosevelt Room, I think it was, in the fall of 2019, where Donald Trump was congratulating a pair of female astronauts, who had conducted an EVA, a spacewalk, outside the space shuttle. And it was the first all- female EVA.

And Trump made a mistake. He said, oh, this is the first time a woman’s ever been outside the space shuttle. And then, the astronaut, the female astronaut gently corrected him.

And he clearly was taken aback. It was a very gentle, very respectful correction. And he starts to touch his forehead, as if to scratch an itch, but he used his middle finger.

And there was this huge controversy. Wait, was he really giving the finger to these astronauts? And people gave him the benefit of the doubt.

But I find it hard to give him the benefit of the doubt, after seeing all of this conduct.

Pretty well sums it up. He’s a man-baby and he only believes women are good for one thing.

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