German AfD Politician Resigns After Defacing Ukrainian Cars With Swastikas

For a party that keeps telling Germans that they’re not Nazis, they sure do have a lot of members who engage in Nazi-like behaviours, don’t they?

Source: Deutsche Welle

After the scandal with a swastika on a car from Ukraine, the deputy of the city council from the right-wing populist “Alternative for Germany” ( AdN ) Martin Kühne resigned. This was reported by Der Spiegel on Wednesday, August 30.

Kühne is one of the three deputies of Baden-Baden from AdN. He submitted his resignation to the mayor of the city, Dietmar Späth, on the evening of August 29. His colleague from the faction, Alexander Arpaschi, said that Kühne “did not make any statements regarding the charges brought against him.” The deputy himself also refused to comment.

At the beginning of the week, the public prosecutor’s office of Baden-Baden informed one of the deputies about the suspicion that he painted two cars with Ukrainian license plates with Nazi symbols and wrote “Fuck UA” in capital letters on them in January and March. For this, he was issued a fine in the amount of 50 days’ salary, which has not yet entered into force.

Turns out it was this Putin-arse-licker.

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