Giddy, a self-custody smart wallet, extends to Ethereum

Giddy, a self-custody smart wallet with advanced private key technology, has integrated Ethereum, the pioneer smart contract platform.

The aim is to enhance the wallet functionalities and accessibility across multiple networks, enhancing user experience.

Giddy expands, supports Ethereum

The Giddy smart wallet aims to provide its users with an easy retail experience, allowing them to access decentralized finance (defi) earning opportunities. The project initially launched on Polygon.

In a press release shared exclusively with, this expansion will set the course for future expansions into EVM-compatible laye-1 and layer-2 platforms. Specifically, the wallet provider aims to integrate Arbitrum, Base, BNB Chain, and many more, in the future. 

There are also solid plans to list Bitcoin.

With this, users can buy multiple coins using fiat straight from the Giddy wallet. At the same time, they can swap tokens,  buy items of supported brands from 150 countries, and send assets.

Private key technology

Giddy wallet has a unique private key technology that splits the recovery phrases into three parts for security.

The first is a user-generated password, the second is their personal hardware or mobile device, and the third is a social login like Google Gmail or Apple ID. Each component alone doesn’t pose a major risk, minimizing the chance of compromise. If any part is lost, users can recover their wallet and funds, and they have the flexibility to export their private keys to a destination of their choice.

Eric Parker, the CEO and co-founder of Giddy, said their private key management solution is a “ game changer among crypto wallets” and will simplify user experience since the technology “breaks down the private key into multiple factors owned by the user”, empowering them as a result.

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