Google to tweak crypto ad policy, amplify Bitcoin ETF visibility

Google, a subsidiary of tech conglomerate Alphabet, is on the verge of a significant policy update set to take effect on Jan. 29, which could alter the landscape of cryptocurrency advertising.

Now that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) approved 11 spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETFs on Jan. 10, Google is expected to amend its rules and enable asset managers to advertise these products to a broader U.S. audience.

This move follows Google’s recent decision to broaden its cryptocurrency and related products’ policy, now providing advertisers with specific guidelines for promoting what it calls “cryptocurrency coin trusts.”

Advertisers eager to capitalize on Google’s platform, renowned for its expansive reach and high search volume, will now require certification to ensure compliance with the tech giant’s stringent requirements.

The significance of this development is highlighted by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC) converting to a spot Bitcoin ETF, coupled with the sanctioning of 10 other institutions to include spot BTC ETFs in their investment portfolios.

Crypto analysts are optimistic about the ramifications of this policy change on the digital currency sphere, as Google processes around 8.55 billion searches daily, according to DemandSage.

Can Google Ads tip the scales for Bitcoin ETFs?

The crypto community speculates that the heightened visibility of Bitcoin ETFs through Google’s ad platform may drive substantial awareness and investment in the space.

As such, companies operating within the spot Bitcoin ETF market could potentially witness a significant influx of interest from new segments of the public — not just from seasoned day traders or investors.

The update could also signal a shift in how cryptocurrency products are advertised, ensuring that ads meet legal requirements and are responsibly presented to an engaged audience.

Google’s policy change arrives at an opportune moment. The crypto market has seen fluctuating investor sentiment toward spot Bitcoin ETFs over the past week.

On Jan. 24, Bitcoin ETFs saw an influx of approximately $270 million, counterbalanced by significant withdrawals — most notably from Grayscale Investment’s Bitcoin ETF—totaling a net outflow of around $153 million. 

The trend did not improve, with Jan. 25 witnessing a continuation of the withdrawal streak, marking a fourth consecutive day of net outflows over the last week, totaling up to $80 million, specifically from the funds recognized by the SEC.

Despite these challenging dynamics, crypto commentators feel Google’s policy shift could potentially open doors to a flood of new investors. The increased visibility and imposed certification could counterbalance the recent outflows from the spot Bitcoin ETFs, signaling a possible rebound as we edge closer to the Jan. 29 policy implementation date.

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