GOP House Intel Chair Beclowns Himself Defending Release Of J6 Tapes

House Intelligence Chair Mike Turner (R-Ohio) proves that there’s no such thing as a serious Republican. None of them are any better than Trump or Marjorie Taylor Greene when they’re willing to spew this sort of nonsense. Turner was asked about the decision by new House Speaker Mike Johnson to release thousands of hours of the security footage from the Januray 6th insurrection on this Sunday’s Meet the Press, and Turner defended the decision, pretended there’s information we don’t already know about what happened, and also tried to “both sides” just who’s been cherry-picking what’s going on in the videos.

As usual, there was very little push back from the always useless Kristen Welker.

KRISTEN WELKER: Let me ask you quickly about the newly-elected Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. He just made the decision to release, and he started the process, 40,000 hours of footage from January 6th. The Capitol Police have expressed real concerns that that could jeopardize the security of the Capitol. Do you think it was responsible to release all of the footage from January 6th?

REP. MIKE TURNER: I think it’s important for Americans to know the truth. This has been fraught with an unbelievable amount of misinformation and untruths. And I think this, you know, when you see the footage yourself, it’s going to give you an understanding of what was there and what occurred that day. Because we’re currently only, you know, depending upon really partisan descriptions of what happened. Now the American people can see.

KRISTEN WELKER: Well, and speaking of which, some of your Republican colleagues have cherry-picked some of the images to frankly further some conspiracy theories. Do you – are you comfortable with that?

REP. MIKE TURNER: I think it’s been cherry-picked by both sides. I mean, certainly the January 6 Commission itself –

KRISTEN WELKER: But let me ask you about your colleagues.

REP. MIKE TURNER: – gave just one view.

KRISTEN WELKER: Let me ask you about your Republican colleagues in the wake of this footage being released. Are you comfortable with, for example, Marjorie Taylor Greene posting, suggesting that this was an inside job by the Capitol Police? She removed the tweet, of course. But does that make you uncomfortable?

REP. MIKE TURNER: You’ll have to talk to Marjorie Taylor Greene about that. But what I will say is I think it’s important that the speaker has taken this step because now people can see the truth.

KRISTEN WELKER: Congressman Turner, thank you so much.

We don’t need any “new” footage to know what went on that day. As most of our readers here are already painfully aware of, way too many of the morons who stormed the Capitol were filming themselves during the insurrection, which we’ve written about here, and here, and here, and here for anyone that would like to refresh their memory on the horrors of that day. And there’s this reporting from ProPublica who published more than 500 videos taken by Parler users of the riot.

These liars can try to revise history all they want, but unfortunately for them, most of the sane public knows full well what happened that day, and all the gaslighting by the likes of Turner and others isn’t going to change that.

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