GOP Rep. Derrick Van Orden Beclowns Himself Yet Again

Coming off a heady weekend, which consisted of his official reelection campaign kickoff and undoubtedly inordinate amounts of beer, Representative Derrick Van Orden (Q-Merde Lardo) couldn’t wait to roll up his sleeves and get to work proving that he is a complete and utter buffoon. Case in point, Elizabeth Warren posted a tweet that said “Tax the Rich.” Thinking that this was the perfect opportunity for a gotcha moment, DVO eagerly quote xitted this piece of art:

The post included a chart from some site called CAKnowledge, which would, at best, make one wonder if DVO even looked at it before posting. The math of the salary and income don’t add up.

But the real doozy is where it lists Warren’s height as one United State Senator. Which is, I suppose, in contrast to one United States Representative, which in DVO’s case, is lower than whale shit.

On the bright side for DVO, all was not a loss. He did turn the world on to CAKnowledge, which as Keith Olberman demonstrates, can provide hours of fun for family and friends to see what absurdities they can find.

Good luck to his campaign staff and to the RNC, whose job is not just to get him reelected but to try to keep him sober and sane enough to even have a chance to be reelected. They’ve got their work cut out for them with this guy.

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